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Socionics is a branch related to psychology that focuses on the interactions between a human and different areas of his life. It describes how we process information and how we make decisions.

Socionics was initially created and developed by Lithuanian researcher Aušra Augustinavičiūtė, back in 1970's in USSR. She was able to combine Carl Jung's theory of Psychological Types with Antoni Kepinski's theory of information metabolism.

Socionics explains and details such aspects of our life as personal values, relationship between oneself and the world as a whole, group interactions, career choice etc.
Our socionics session can be helpful for you when you want to
  • choose a paths or areas of study
    We will help you select a few areas that are suitable for you.
  • live a balanced life
    How to arrange a balance life, when you are more concentrated on energy giving tasks and stabilize the life issues that are more problematic for you
  • understand why you are burned out at work
    we will tell you which areas of life and work tasks drain your energy
  • stop blaming and scold yourself
    Discover and recognize your unique features and stop comparing yourself to other people
  • learn about your personal sources of recharging internal "batteries"
    You will be surprised, but we are so different and have different ways to have a rest
  • find yourself in relationship that mostly suits you
    if you and your partner are ready to find out your psychotypes, then we will gladly tell you how you can strengthen each other and which support you can give to each other
About Us
My name is Yulia Kassich and I have been passionate about socionics for more than for 16 years
I am absolutely convinced that you will not live your life happily on tiptoe. You need something native, weighty, something you can trust in yourself and rely on. That's why I believe that everyone should know their socionic psychotype. And we'll help you deal with it.
I am Svetlana Feskova and my story in socionics began in 2016
The first thought after my socionic session was - "Wow! Everything is fine with me." Many things that I once considered shortcomings in myself turned out to be my best talents, which I had to learn to use for good. Therefore, in our sessions, most of all I like telling people who they are and why everything is fine with them too!)
Why are we holding socionic session together?
Socionics told the world that one person cannot be an expert in all areas of life. So in order to correctly determine your type, interviews should be conducted by two experts with absolutely opposite strengths and weaknesses. This is us! We are completely different and work together, complementing each other.
How does our session look like?
Video Conference
We use video call in Whats App or Telegram. We kindly ask you to choose a quiet place where no one will disturb you.
Two Hours, when you are free
There are two parts. The 1st part looks like an interview and takes about 30-40 minutes. We will ask you some simple and funny questions, it is not an exam. Don't worry :) Then we will tell you in detail about your psychological type
After consultation
At the end of our session, we will send you an audio recording of the second part, where we talk about your type. If you have some questions later, feel free to ask us, we will be happy to answer.
Book your session
Fill out the application and we will contact you shortly.
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